cheap ultralight large backpack possibility

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Re: cheap ultralight large backpack possibility

Post by russb » Sun Oct 03, 2010 12:15 pm

Two quick things.

First, the walmart laundry bag with straps lived up to the walmart reputation and didn't last too long. While the price was right, the stitching came loose too easily. This happened on the drawstring portion of the bag. Functionality is not compromised, but I can see other stitching eventually giving way. Of course the design was not for backpacking, so perhaps I am being too critical of the quality. Second, no compression straps forced the large load bag to be well away from your torso making heavier loads cumbersome. However, if one was to have a light load the large volume could be filled by allowing ones sleeping bag/quilt to remain uncompressed. The concept is still sound.

Mags, you and I might be the last two people to have one of Wheldon's mesh only Katahdin packs. Mine is still in near perfect shape. The 3 compression straps on that wheldon pack are genius. The mesh makes it "catch" if one goes off trail however, so it is not a good pack for bushwhacking.

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